The Business Value of Good Design -

The Business Value of Good Design

Tom Peters
Corporate management guru
In a world loaded with stuff that looks like all the other stuff and performs like all the other stuff, design is a way to stand out.

Rodney Fitch
Design Advisory Board, BAA
Only one company can be the cheapest, the others have to use design.

George Fisher
CEO, Kodak
In the end, what customers really see is what designers design. That is the ultimate tool that a company has in order to be competitive in the marketplace.

Sir John Egan
Design helps to shape experience, and the quality of experience that people have of any company is the most influencing factor in shaping their attitude toward it. It affects loyalty, repeat purchase and the way people talk about the company to colleagues and friends.

Jerri Menaul
Boston Business Journal
The objective of design is to communicate a message in such a way that it produces an intended result.

Paul Rand
Grand Old Man of graphic design
That’s what design is all about; taking the essence of something and enhancing its message by putting it into a form everyone can identify with.

Samina Quraeshi
Design Director, National Endowment for the Arts
As America nears the third millennium, the nation and the world face unprecedented change. Frequently compared to the Industrial Revolution, the transformation we are experiencing today is a source of profound threats as well as daunting opportunities. To succeed in this environment, we must anticipate, shape, and respond with innovative products, communications, services, facilities and environments. Design is the key to helping us meet this challenge.

Jonathan Asher
Principal, Dragon Rouge
[Good designers use] strategic insights to create truly inspired concepts, and then develop them with a passion for crafting and attention to design detail such that the designs forge emotional connections with target consumers.

Edward Tufte
Information designer
Good design is clear thinking made manifest.