Sparks May 2016 -

Sparks May 2016

More cell phones mean more mobile sites

Yes, it’s that time again when we badger you about going mobile. Having a responsive website means the layout and even the content changes to fit different screen sizes. If you go to a site on your phone and have to keep zooming in and out, you’re on a non-responsive site, not optimized for mobile.

A recent news story reported that more people will own cell phones than have access to drinkable water by 2020. This shocking statistic shows (aside from the humanitarian and social issues) how ubiquitous cell phones are. And it’s not just phones you need optimized for: tablets and phablets are also part of the mix.

So if you’re still thinking this is just a fad, think again. Mobile is here to stay and your site needs redesigning if you’re not ready. As we’ve said many times before, a non-responsive site turns visitors off. In a global marketplace, they have plenty of other options and will drop your site like a stinging scorpion.

Reaching the college market

Many of our clients are trying to reach teens and college students. A study by Business Insider shows this group is wired and savvy:

  • On average, this group receives their first smartphone at age 11. And they estimate they spend 11-18 hours a day looking at a screen of some sort. Is your website or app grabbing their attention?
  • Over 60% of them buy clothes online. If you older folk are trying to imagine how to buy clothes when you can’t even try them on first, this should be a wake-up call that teens and college students are not just buying clothes but many other items online.
  • These kids love instant bursts of communication. Their favorite apps are Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter. That means you should keep your marketing copy brief and your social media targeted to where they hang out.
  • This group is up-to-date. They are plugged in every waking moment and they do follow the news. So they’re not just playing games and pinging friends. They’re savvy consumers that need treated with respect.

If you are trying to reach this target market, an audit of your communications is important. Are all your marketing materials geared toward their preferred style of communication? Do you offer chat as part of customer support? Contact us to help you determine if you need an overhaul!


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