Sparks March 2016 -

Sparks March 2016

New website, new services!

Where in the world have we been?? Off building a new world of services! We are thrilled to announce the launch of two new service lines. Project Management shepherds projects for software, architecture, customer service, and other firms using waterfall or agile processes. Business Consulting, a partnership with Gretchen Knapp (formerly of Solution Tree), helps businesses overcome communication breakdowns through streamlined processes and maximize the efficiency of data storage and retrieval through intranets, wikis, and software to ensure that information is entered once and distributed to all stakeholders. We also look for other inefficiencies in the organization and consult on how to run a tighter, more profitable ship, with fewer turf wars, less pulling out of hair (yours or your co-worker’s), and a more motivated staff.

Both new service lines have dedicated websites along with—wait for it—a newly redesigned Design & Marketing site! The new site is cleaner, features more new work, is easier to navigate, and is (finally) responsive.

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7 signs you should redesign your website

This one hits close to home for us, since we should’ve redesigned years ago, but learn from our experience! It’s time to redesign your site if:

  1. Your website looks dated
    Trends come and go but there are certain things that mark your site as outdated just by the way it looks. Colors, layout, imagery (or the lack thereof), text (or the lack thereof), etc. In our case, we were too text-heavy and our portfolio images weren’t spotlighted. We still have copy on the home page but it’s broken up into bite-size chunks in boxes. In the old days you would just make a new paragraph. What year was your site redesigned? Does it still look that way?
  2. Your website isn’t mobile friendly
    We’ve been badgering you about this for over two years. Mobile is huge (or as Bernie Sanders would say, “Yuge!”). Web content is now accessed by mobile devices more than desktop and that number is only going to increase. How does your site look on a tablet? A phone? If it’s impossible to read and you find yourself zooming in and out a lot, your site isn’t mobile-friendly. Contact us immediately.
  3. You can’t easily change your website content
    In the old days, you had a dedicated webmaster who handled every single change to your site. We still do webmastering for some clients who are too busy to handle it themselves or where the site is especially complex. But more and more people want to update the content themselves. We’ve been building more sites in WordPress for that reason, since it’s really easy to update. And we used WordPress for our redesign, primarily so we could present Sparks in a blog format, which is better for search engine indexing and is more contemporary than our old standalone pages.
  4. You are embarrassed to give people your URL
    One of our early prospective clients, when we asked what goal they wanted to achieve with their redesign, just said in a really small voice, “I don’t want to be embarrassed anymore.” Know the feeling? It’s time to redesign.
  5. Your competitor’s websites are amazing in comparison
    We’re seeing the global marketplace expanding significantly, with online sales for products and services going through the roof. In the web development industry, our prospective clients can easily work with competitors from around the globe. That’s why it’s important to stand out. If you go to a competitor’s site and feel jealous, get on the redesign bus.
  6. Your brand/message has changed significantly
    If you’ve changed directions, your website should, too. In our case, we are tightening up our focus on the Design & Marketing side plus launching two new service lines. When you shift your focus, communicate that through a new site.
  7. Your website isn’t converting as well as it used to
    If you’ve been noticing your website traffic slowing down, or that you’re still getting visitors but no one is calling you, you may have a conversion problem. In the former case, you may be losing market share. In the latter, your visitors are unimpressed. Hire a web developer who knows more than just how to make a website look pretty. It has to be intuitive to use, marketing-savvy, highly functional, intriguing and highly useful for the visitor, and reflective of your brand.

Any of these things sound familiar? Contact us for a free initial consultation and proposal!




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This month’s winner: Bridget O’Keefe!
Our VisoVerbo champ wins a digital print featuring this one-of-a-kind design. Have a favorite quote or saying? Send it in! If your quote is chosen, you’ll receive a digital print of your custom design suitable for framing! Check out your competition here.