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Our response to the so-called “Religious Freedom Restoration Act”

Bloomington, Ind.—We are very concerned about the passage of SB101, Indiana’s so-called “Religious Freedom Restoration Act.” This bill is not about religious freedom; as was made clear in the Statehouse debate, it’s about a narrow segment of Christians invoking their religious beliefs to deny services to people they choose to discriminate against, particularly those of the LGBTQ community. We find this act extremely disturbing and reject its implications.

RFRA is bad for the state, which is already perceived by the broader nation as somewhat backward. We experience this when interacting with prospective clients as well as subcontractors. The backlash from across the nation in response to this bill is a consistent outcry that this bill is not only morally wrong, but bad for business. It hurts our ability to do business with others (boycotts are already in place) and it hurts our ability to attract and retain talent. Indiana should be a place which welcomes people from all walks of life and constantly works to improve civility and open discourse.

Unlike certain lawmakers in the Statehouse, we at Cairril.com do not consider our business a “church” or a “temple.” It is a business, and our business is to serve. We welcome clients and subcontractors who are good to work with and make no assumptions about their private lives. We particularly want to make clear that we welcome the LGBTQ community to our family of clients, colleagues, and friends.

We ask all members of the Cairril.com family, whether Hoosiers or not, to follow Amelia Aldred’s advice and make this awkward for people. Agitate civilly. We encourage all members of our family to express their views to elected representatives (General Assembly | Governor Mike Pence). Get informed (see links below) and speak up—speak out. Let’s advocate for a better Indiana with a clear line between church and state which allows us to live together peaceably and cheerfully. Your voice is important—use it.

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