Sparks November 2012 -

Sparks November 2012

In the News

Mobile sites are mission critical for local businesses
Our September and October issues have focused on the importance of having a mobile site: A website designed specifically for smartphone users. Well, we’re still preachin’ on because it’s such a critical issue for your business.

According to a Localeze study, 61% of smartphone users search for local information on the go. A total of 52% of local search clicks result in calls. Yet over 90% of websites are not optimized for mobile and will not render effectively on smartphones! That is money left on the table.

A mobile site simplifies the content from your desktop site and formats it for the small screen size of a smartphone. When a smartphone user navigates to your site, the mobile version automatically displays. Adapting the desktop website into a mobile one means using fewer graphics, providing less text, and incorporating features native to smartphones, such as click-to-call buttons.

As we’ve noted in previous issues, those businesses with mobile sites report increased customer satisfaction and revenue. It’s now time to create a mobile presence. Contact us to get started.

When designers get cranky: The hilarious story of Missy the Cat
We don’t like to publish stories of cranky designers lest we give a bad name to our industry, but one of our readers has begged for us to share the hilarious story of Missy the Cat. This one’s been making the rounds of design forums for some time, but it’s still a good one. Don’t read while drinking a beverage or it may go up your nose.

What you’ve missed on Facebook
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This month’s winner: Drake Spaeth!
Our VisoVerbo champ wins a digital print featuring this one-of-a-kind design. Have a favorite quote or saying? Send it in! If your quote is chosen, you’ll receive a digital print of your custom design suitable for framing! Check out your competition here.

Client Spotlight

Home Bank
Home Bank is a Martinsville bank that was in search of a brand. They have great financial products and outstanding customer service but their website was very outdated and confusing to use. It didn’t communicate the identity of the bank or the enthusiasm of its customers.

Lisa Arnold, COO, led a team of professionals who worked with us to turn this around. They were very impressed with our work on the award-winning Monroe Bank site design and wanted an approach that picked up on its strengths but which was tailored to Home Bank. We started with site architecture, incorporating much more information than the old site had and grouping it into a logical framework.

Then came the site design. Because they are a high-touch brand, the Home Bank team didn’t want a site that looked like a traditional bank site. They wanted something uniquely theirs. When we showed them the sketch for our design, president Dan Moore declared it a “home run.”

Home Bank plays off The Wizard of Oz themes in its marketing, such as using the tagline “There’s no place like Home.” We picked up on that with an illustration of the sun rising over rolling hills and a (happy little) bluebird perched on the very welcoming words “Welcome home” on the home page. Lisa developed the outstanding home page copy and we made plenty of room for vital information and ads.

The site ranks information intuitively and incorporates enthusiastic testimonials on product pages as well as a dedicated testimonials page. The Home Bank team invested in professional photography of their customers to heighten the high-touch feel.

The result is a very successful site that communicates the unique Home Bank brand in a format that is easy to use. It has received rave reviews and Lisa plans to enter it in this year’s Maxi Awards, the marketing awards of the prestigious Indiana Bankers Association. We are in discussions to create a mobile version of the site so it’s user-friendly for smartphone users. Check out the new site!