Mills featured speaker at Indiana University, SEED Corp. -

Mills featured speaker at Indiana University, SEED Corp. principal Cairril Mills was recently a featured speaker at two area business events.

Mills was the guest speaker for the Indiana University Young Entrepreneurs Association in early April. She fielded questions on marketing, how education relates to real-world experience, and gave pointers on how to work for other people as well as how to work for oneself.

“We all had fun, found it refreshing, and definitely gained applicable value from it (had great reviews),” said Michael Yang, president of the association. “It left us more inspired and motivated—which was one of the main goals for this event.”

Mills also was the featured speaker at the SEED Corp. Small Business Planning Course, where she taught Marketing 101 for Small Businesses. In addition to the prepared materials, she fielded a wide range of questions from the class, critiqued class members’ marketing materials, and helped class members translate abstract marketing concepts into practical ideas that can be put into action quickly.

“I learned more about promoting my business in one hour than I have learned in the last two years of trying to get the business started,” said Josh Grekin, a class attendee.

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