Mills Featured Branding Expert in Business Network -

Mills Featured Branding Expert in Business Network

Bloomington, Ind—Cairril Mills, principal of Design & Marketing, was featured as a branding expert in this month’s issue of Business Network, the Greater Bloomington Chamber of Commerce’s newsmagazine.

The front-page story Branding Defines Your Business in Customers’ Eyes also featured Mike Hawkins and Chuck Lanphear, creative director and vice-president/media director at Finelight, respectively.

“Our goal was to introduce the concept of branding in a way that small and medium-size businesses can easily understand,” said Mills. “Too much of what’s written on branding focuses on the needs, tactics, and huge budgets of large corporations. We wanted to take core branding practices and translate them for entrepreneurs’ needs.”

The article discussed the benefits of a strong brand, when to think about boosting or re-vamping a brand, the importance of thinking long-term about brand development, and top 10 brand-building tips.

In addition to attributed quotes, the article relied heavily on materials Mills supplied, such as’s Branding 101 article, the 2005 Chamber of Commerce radio show on branding which featured Mills,’s Branding Bootcamp materials, and handouts for the Marketing 101 class Mills teaches through SEED Corp.

“The whole issue, not just this article, is an excellent introduction to both marketing and branding for small businesses,” remarked Mills. “I encourage interested entrepreneurs to download a copy from the Herald-Times website.” offers consulting, training, and other brand development services tailored to the needs of small and medium size businesses. View their website for more information. Design & Marketing specializes in brand-building for small and medium-size businesses. Based in Bloomington, it serves a nationwide client base in commercial, government, academic, and non-profit sectors, and has garnered a number of national awards.