Mills attends conference exploring user experience -

Mills attends conference exploring user experience principal Cairril Mills recently attended Designing for User Experience (DUX), an international conference on the role of design shaping users’ experiences.

Sponsored by the American Institute for Graphic Arts (AIGA) and the Association for Computing Machinery’s (ACM) SIGGRAPH and SIGCHI, the conference is the premiere global forum dedicated to the exchange of radical new user experience strategies; presentation and discussion of new design methods; and access to research and design practitioners with a visionary perspective on the future of the profession.

The theme of DUX07 was “Changing Roles and Shifting Landscapes of Design.” Presentations explored how designers inspire and enable people’s ability to contribute, create, personalize, and share experiences, both on and off the Internet.

Peer-reviewed papers presented at the conference came from businesses such as Adaptive Path, Motorola, Yahoo!, Bagatto, and Google; universities from Barcelona, Spain; Leeds, Great Britain; Melbourne, Australia; Bremen, Germany; Oslo, Sweden; South Korea, and the United States; and individuals such as David Pescovitz, Adam Greenfield, Thomas De Zengotita, and Steven Berlin Johnson.

Topics covered everything from the interface between “real” and “artificial” on Second Life to ambient rather than device-centered user interfaces to anthropological research on social networks to coping with information overload to urban renewal programs using merely light and the human body.

The overriding theme of the conference was how to bring the body back into the experience of users rather than be bound by cumbersome machine interfaces. Design & Marketing specializes in brand-building for small and medium-size businesses. Based in Bloomington, it serves a nationwide client base in commercial, government, academic, and non-profit sectors, and has garnered a number of awards.