Sparks May 2015 -

Sparks May 2015

In the News statement on RFRA
Two days after the so-called “Religious Freedom Restoration Act” was signed into law by Indiana governor Mike Pence, we issued this statement outlining our concerns.

Since then the state legislature has passed an amendment barring discrimination against members of the LGBTQ community, but only in certain cases. It is still legal, for instance, to fire a person from their job simply on the basis of their sexual orientation.

Not only is this wrong from a moral perspective, it is bad for business. We occasionally run into pushback from subcontractors and prospective clients who view Indiana as backward. In order to create a more just society and attract more and better businesses to the state, we believe sexual orientation should be added as a protected class to anti-discrimination legislation. Bloomington and some other Hoosier communities have done this on an individual basis, but we believe it’s time to implement it state-wide.

We don’t normally get on a soapbox about anything except responsive web design, but this was an issue too important to ignore. We respect the right of others to civilly disagree.

The time for mobile? Now.
Speaking of responsive web design, some new stats have come out regarding the mobile web (responsive web design is when your website changes layout and content depending on what device your user is viewing it on).

  • 77% of the mobile market is now smartphones. Your 1024 pixel-wide home page simply won’t work on a 320 pixel-wide screen.
  • 30% of all Internet traffic now comes from mobile.
  • Google’s new search results now display whether or not a site is mobile-friendly. If yours is not, you’re missing out on traffic.

Want to know if your site is mobile-friendly? Run it through Google’s handy test. And if it’s not mobile-friendly? Contact us! We’ll get you where you need to go.




This month’s winner: Everybody!
In theme with our stance on RFRA, we wanted to share this icon reiterating our pledge to serve clients regardless of sexual orientation. Feel free to swipe the image for use on your own site.

More News

Unitarian Universalist Church
We have provided webmastering services to the Unitarian Universalist Church of Bloomington since 2007. When the time came for a redesign, they turned to us to captain the process.

One of the challenges UUs face is that their religion isn’t very well known or understood. Some people mistakenly think of it as a cult. The most-visited section of their website was for first-time visitors. All this made it clear that we needed a dramatic shift from the stark-n-dark red, white, and black color scheme and workhorse typeface.

Our design utilizes two lovely shades of green and blue to create a feeling of peace and welcome. It also relates to UUs’ strong commitment to environmentalism and social justice. We also selected a rounded typeface to add to the friendliness of the site.

Like many clients, the UUs wanted the ability to update the site themselves. We created the site in WordPress, a popular platform that has a user-friendly interface for administrative personnel to use for updates. We grouped navigation into easily grasped “chunks” for quick travel through the site and put more emphasis on images rather than the previous text-heavy site.

The result is a fresh, welcoming site that meets the church’s needs from a branding perspective and ease of use.

New UUCB home page: