Sparks March 2014 -

Sparks March 2014

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New technology boosts print
With all the focus on web-based marketing, people assume that direct mail is dead. Not true! Direct mail is still effective, particularly when it uses the latest technology.

  • Variable printing. This has been around for a while but it’s not well known. Variable printing allows you to customize every printed piece. For instance, you can swap out a person’s name and a photo just for them on a print piece. Or you can print a different code on each coupon in order to track who is using them.
  • QR codes. Most smartphone uses scan QR codes, which can take them directly to a dedicated website. Print a QR code on your business card and send scanners to your LinkedIn profile. Print a QR code on a direct mail piece to send scanners to a website with a coupon for them.
  • NFC technology. NFC (near-field communication) technology is newer but will probably overtake QR codes. It uses a microchip that sends users to a website when they tap their phone to the printed piece—no scanning required.
  • Integrate social with print. This isn’t new tech, but it’s easy to do—include customer comments posted on your Facebook page in your printed pieces. And of course, make sure your printed pieces include addresses for all your social outlets.

Direct mail pieces, particularly when they are of an unusual size, get customers’ attention. Even Gen Y consumers say they prefer print over digital for marketing messages, likely due to information overload on devices. Smart use of print can boost your business.

What you’ve missed on Facebook
Here are some of our recent Facebook posts. “Like” us to get in on the goodness.

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This month’s winner: Ruth Velasquez!
Our VisoVerbo champ wins a digital print featuring this one-of-a-kind design. Have a favorite quote or saying? Send it in! If your quote is chosen, you’ll receive a digital print of your custom design suitable for framing! Check out your competition here.

More News

More mobile stats
You thought you were free of our pushing mobile, didn’t you! Ha! We care about you too much to let up. Mobile is here to stay and those without mobile-enabled websites are losing business. Here are some of the latest stats:

  • 1.4 billion smartphones were in use by the end of 2013. That’s one in seven people worldwide. Does your site display on a smartphone?
  • Two-thirds of Americans own a smartphone as of January 2014, up seven percent from October 2013. These numbers are only going to get higher, folks.
  • Fifty-seven percent of users won’t recommend a website unless it’s mobile-friendly.
  • The average American spends two hours per day on a mobile device, usually in a multi-screen (TV, tablet, phone) environment.

We’re designing all new websites to be mobile-friendly. If your site hasn’t made the transition yet, contact us today!