Sparks March 2009 -

Sparks March 2009

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Sign up for hands-on marketing workshop!
In cooperation with the Greater Bloomington Chamber of Commerce, we’ll be presenting Get Feedback: Better Marketing Materials, a workshop designed to immediately improve your marketing materials.

Bring your marketing materials to this hands-on workshop and learn how to improve your message, materials, and focus!

Led by Cairril Mills, principal of Design & Marketing, our session focuses on you—bring your marketing materials (brochures, business cards, ads, etc) or even your intangibles like your tagline or elevator pitch. We’ll analyze the piece and give you expert advice on how to make it more effective!

The first session on March 19 was a resounding success—don’t miss your chance in April!

April 15

Chamber of Commerce
400 W. 7th Street
Free to Chamber members!
$25 for non-members

Seating is limited. Contact Pegi Flahault at the Chamber to reserve your place! launches two iPhone applications, Inc., the parent company of Design & Marketing, has released two applications for the Apple iPhone.

The first application, Questions, is a compilation of over 700 questions from movies, books, poetry, comic books, songs, musicals, and everyday life. The questions can be used as a game, conversation starters, or even as meditation prompts. The application is fun and easy to use!

The second application, World Stories & Legends, is a collection of adventure and hero tales from around the globe. While some are well-known, most are obscure yet compelling tales. All the stories have been rewritten to feature strong female characters and reflect contemporary values. Stories are written for both adults and kids.

Each application is only $1.99. Get yours today!




This month’s winner: Drema Baker!
Our VisoVerbo champ wins a digital print featuring this one-of-a-kind design. Have a favorite quote or saying? Send it in! If your quote is chosen, you’ll receive a digital print of your custom design suitable for framing! Check out your competition here.

Client Spotlight

Dr. Howard & Associates Eye Care
Dr Howard & Associates Eyecare is an upscale, family eyecare provider for the Bloomington area. In addition to its services and cutting-edge technologies, it offers frames by high-end designers in a comfortable and classy environment.

Its marketing materials were old, outdated, and didn’t reflect the brand. The color scheme of dark blue on flecked white paper was heavy and cold. The design and copy didn’t reflect the aesthetic appeal of the office or the expertise of Drs. C. Denise Howard and Brandy Deckard.

We were hired to overhaul the key corporate identity elements: brochure, letterhead, envelope, business card, and notecard. Our goal was to “upscale” everything and bring it in line with patients’ experience.

Our brochure design immediately set it apart. With warm colors and large photos, it captures the essence of the brand experience without heavy text. We re-wrote the copy to make it shorter, larger (to accommodate those with vision problems), and easier to comprehend.

Even the paper stock got an overhaul. We chose a heavier stock with a super-smooth surface so that the brochure would print crisply and feel classy.


With its greater emotional appeal and ease of use, the brochure now reflects the Howard & Associates high quality brand. See for yourself!