Sparks June 2014 -

Sparks June 2014

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What to do with old web content
If you’ve had a website for more than a couple years, there are likely pages that are getting a little long in the tooth. Refresh your site by taking smart steps to evaluate your content.

  • Start with a site audit. Review every page in your site (if you have a site map, this will be a lot easier). Evaluate whether the content is 1) relevant; 2) relevant but needs updated; 3) in need of significant work; or 4) dead.
  • Review your site navigation. As you think about the content you want to keep, moving it to a different place may make sense. Grouping content by theme makes those #2s easier to deal with.
  • Get editing! Almost all web site content can use an edit at some point. This task can be spread throughout your organization, but make sure everyone is speaking with the same brand voice. Pay special attention to headlines and sub-heads for they are optimized for search engines.
  • Re-organize your content. Take the time to ensure the different posts relate to a coherent theme and are grouped appropriately. Include an overall header and some descriptive text about what readers can expect.
  • Lean toward re-shaping content rather than ditching it. If your site has been around for a few years, it has been thoroughly indexed by search engines. Don’t ditch content just because it’s old. There may still be relevant sections. Either re-write or add a disclaimer that the article is no longer being updated but is staying on the site to assist visitors.
  • Re-submit your site to search engines. If you’ve moved content around, you want search engines to update their indexes as soon as possible.

Having clear, relevant content helps position you as a leader in your field and as a place to go for help, not just sales. This is a great way to build your brand!

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This month’s winner:!
Our VisoVerbo champ wins a digital print featuring this one-of-a-kind design. Have a favorite quote or saying? Send it in! If your quote is chosen, you’ll receive a digital print of your custom design suitable for framing! Check out your competition here.

Client Spotlight

100 Men Who Cook
Our last issue spotlighted our work for 100 Men Who Cook, an event sponsored by the Bloomington Hospital Foundation that supported Volunteers in Medicine.

We are pleased to report that donations were up almost 400% over last year! The webmasters did a great job of keeping the website current to attract repeat traffic, but we also want to take a bow. Having a brand-appropriate, usable site leads to a significant impact on your bottom line!

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