Sparks July 2010 -

Sparks July 2010

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How to market to your buyer
Too many businesses use the same message and techniques to market to their prospects. In order to turn prospects into buyers, tailor your message to where they are in the buying cycle.

  1. Unaware. The buyer is not explicitly in the market but should be. Content should be interruptive. Suggested attention-grabbers: Speak to their pain; provide “news,” such as a research report.
  2. Tentative. The buyer is standing at the edge, or quietly wading into the market. Content should be educational. Attention-grabbers: Write about the buyer’s problem and how to address it, not about your solution. Encourage buyer interactivity at your website.
  3. Engaged. The buyer is in a dialogue with your company. Content should be validating. Provide case studies detailing customer success stories. Provide third-party articles to support your vision.
  4. Invested. The buyer is a customer. Content should be exclusive. Personalize your email and Web content. Offer insider tips, using a conversational style.

Tailor your message and you’ll be much more effective!
Source: How to Create a Content Strategy for B2B Nurturing Campaigns, Paul McKeon,

The Combine is coming!
The Combine is a display of talent, entrepreneurship and innovation. It’s an event about tech, specifically the people, ideas and environments that drive technology. And it’s coming to Bloomington Sept 9-12!

Sign up before Saturday to receive the early-bird price of $199. You’ll receive a badge for the main speaking event, lunch voucher redeemable at several downtown Bloomington eateries, and complementary access to Tech Cocktail Bloomington and Ignite Bloomington 3.

Learn more at The Combine website!

Every square inch…
One of the pleasures of backpacking around the world is escaping the constant sales pitches we are bombarded with. But in order to close its $19b deficit, California is considering adding digital advertising to its license plates.

The device would mimic a standard license plate when the vehicle is in motion but switch to ads or other messages when it is stopped in traffic or at a red light. The plate number would remain visible at all times.

Even though is a marketing firm, we know when enough is enough! We hope for a future where advertising is used responsibly.
Source: Graphic Design USA Newsletter, July 2010



This month’s winner: Meryl K. Evans!
Our VisoVerbo champ wins a digital print featuring this one-of-a-kind design. Have a favorite quote or saying? Send it in! If your quote is chosen, you’ll receive a digital print of your custom design suitable for framing! Check out your competition here.

Client Spotlight

Big Red Liquors
A Bloomington institution for many years, Big Red Liquors (BRL) also has locations in Bedford, Terre Haute, and Martinsville. Their old website did not reflect the BRL brand of a highly knowledgeable staff and a wide selection of wines, beer, and spirits. It was a “brochureware” site with only the most basic functionality.

BRL came to us to upgrade their web presence to bring it more in line with the brand and to add a wide variety of dynamic features. Working with their team, we placed the design focus squarely on wine, with a more sophisticated look and feel. The burgundy and gold color palette is warm and inviting. We also created a series of ads for the site that reinforced the more sophisticated look.

We started from the ground up on functionality, beginning with the ability to update products easily and designate which ones will appear on the home page. We also created functions such as an easily managed events calendar, e-newsletter sign-up, content creation/editing areas, online employee applications, locations and specialties, and more.

The result is a robust site with great brand appeal that’s easy to update. All brought in on-time and under budget! Our clients are very happy with the site and have received a good deal of positive feedback. They are also running a bit over double the hits on the new site versus the old one and the number of employee applications has tripled—over 200 in July!

Visit the new Big Red Liquors site

Their Old Homepage