Sparks July 2003 -

Sparks July 2003

In the News Design featured in Business Network
The Greater Bloomington Chamber of Commerce featured Design in the July issue of Business Network, the monthly Chamber newspaper. Our firm was included in an article on starting your own business. The article included general tips for start-ups as well as advice from Design. We’re pleased to have been spotlighted as a successful start-up and thank our many clients and supporters who have made it possible!

Improve your linking strategy
As attendees of our Web Smarts seminars know, one of the best ways to help your site rank higher in search engines is to get high-quality, related sites to link to yours. But did you know that how they link to your site can have an impact on your rankings?

Search engines not only look at the fact that there is a link to your site; they look at what words make up the link. If your keywords are included in the link text, that link will count more than if it’s just your company name or “Click here.” So if your company sells golf equipment, the link to your site might be named “Golf clubs” or “golf equipment.” Be sure to suggest keyword-rich verbiage when you’re setting up your link exchanges!

Writing great PPC ads
Many businesses looking to improve site traffic are investing in pay-per-click (PPC) ads. PPC is a program where site owners pay for high rankings in search engine results, but pay only when a Web searcher clicks on the link to their site. The most popular PPC programs are through Overture, Google’s AdWords Select, FindWhat, LookSmart, and Sprinks.

PPC advertising is popular because it offers high return on investment for many businesses. However, PPC ads need to be written well in order to be most effective. A recent issue of SearchDay offered the following tips:

• Include your keywords in your ad’s title
• Include your keywords in your ad’s description
• Create a customized landing page which includes your keywords and relates directly to the PPC ad
• Monitor your click-through rates to determine which are your most effective keywords (the results may surprise you!)

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This month’s winner: Elizabeth Barrette!
In addition to the envy of family and friends, Elizabeth wins a T-shirt featuring this one-of-a-kind design. Have a favorite quote or saying? Send it in! If your quote is chosen, you’ll receive a T-shirt with a custom design! Check out your competition here.

Client Spotlight

MedPro Services, Inc.
MedPro Services, Inc. is a medical billing firm located in Bloomington but with clients across the country. When just starting out last year, they contacted us to “spruce up” their home page. This year, they were ready for a complete Website.

Medical billing is a very crowded field, with a large number of unprofessional providers. In contrast, MedPro Services’ Rebecca Kieffner has seventeen years experience and uses a high-end software suite to provide the highest quality service. Her clients include well-known orthopedic surgeons and she has an impressive array of testimonials. Rebecca and her husband/business partner Scott came to us with the goal of conveying that high quality product through a professional site that would also perform well in search engines.

Our design and marketing strategy places the emphasis on MedPro Services’ experience, accuracy, and follow-through. Soothing and professional blues and the repetition of “box” graphic elements convey trustworthiness and pick up on the shapes in the logo. We highlighted customer testimonials on every page in order to underscore confidence in MedPro Services’ offerings. Our search engine-friendly copy not only describes products and services, but highlights MedPro Services’ ability to help doctors free up valuable time to focus on patient care.

The result is a site which is dramatically better than competitors’ sites and positions MedPro Services as an industry leader. It also attracted new clients within weeks of launch!

See the MedPro Services site designed by Design