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Sparks January 2011

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The rising power of Eco Moms
Called the “Green Tea Party” by blogger Dominique Browning, Eco Moms are a rising consumer force.

EcoFocus Worldwide, a marketing research consultant, estimates that “the EcoAware Moms market includes more than 50 million women, 69% of [all] moms, and has more than $1.45 trillion in buying power.

EcoAware Moms are focused on the daily aspects of their households and lifestyles – reducing waste, avoiding chemicals and toxins, saving resources, and making responsible choices,” explains Linda Gilbert of EcoFocus.

The report also shows that EcoAware Moms are far more likely to believe they have a great deal of control over how healthy their home is, for them and their family, compared to other Moms.

The Top 5 Things EcoAware Moms are Using More Often:

  • Chemical-free cleaning products – 47%
  • Organic foods and beverages – 45%
  • Plant-based cleaning products – 40%
  • Water filter – 38%
  • Resealable plastic bags – 38%

The Top 5 Things EcoAware Moms are Using Less Often or Don’t Use:

  • Plastic wrap – 50%
  • Disposable cups or plates – 49%
  • Bottled water – 40%
  • Single serve beverages in plastic bottles – 46%
  • Chemical pest controls – 45%

Eco Moms provide businesses with opportunities to appeal to a potent slice of the American marketplace. For details and ideas, see Browning’s blog.

Source: EcoFocus press release



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The 7 sins of greenwashing
Speaking of eco-awareness, a new report looks at the “Sins of Greenwashing.” Terrachoice, the authors of the study, define “greenwash” as “the act of misleading consumers regarding the environmental practices of a company or the environmental benefits of a product or service.”

Terrachoice notes that the number of products making green claims has increased more than 70 percent, showing consumer demand for earth-friendly options.

However! According to the Terrachoice analysts, at least 95 percent of the products still commit at least one greenwashing “sin,” 70 percent offer no proof of their claims, and almost one-third include a graphic element that misleadingly appears to be a third party certification.

Here’s a quick overview of the 7 sins:

  1. Sin of the hidden trade-off
  2. Sin of no proof
  3. Sin of vagueness
  4. Sin of worshiping false labels
  5. Sin of irrelevance
  6. Sin of lesser of two evils
  7. Sin of fibbing

Are you committing a greenwashing sin? You can learn more and read the full report at
Source: GDUSA Newsletter, Nov 2010