Sparks February 2012 -

Sparks February 2012

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4 steps to better web copy
Writing for the web is its own beastie. Use these four tips to spiff up your copy.

  • Use active, not passive voice. Change from “You will be contacted on the next business day” to “We’ll contact you one the next business day.” Active voice spices things up and adds to your trustworthiness.
  • Use contractions. Change “Do not hesitate to give us a call. We would be happy to help you” into the far more inviting “Don’t hesitate to call us. We’d be happy to help.”
  • Keep paragraphs short. People don’t read on the web, they scan. Throw in an occasional one-liner to keep things moving along.
  • Mix formal and informal vocabulary. Mimic actual speech by balancing highbrow (substantial/ myriad/numerous) with lowbrow (plenty/lots/tons).

Web copy should be conversational. Too much formality turns prospective customers off. As social media impacts the web, this is increasingly true. So let a little personality shine through and your copy will sparkle.

5 reasons you’re not using social media
If you don’t yet have a presence in social media, you should. But you may have excuses. See if these sound familiar:

  • “Our target audience is not on Facebook and Twitter.” This would be more believable if Facebook didn’t have nearly 850 users. Your target market is there—where are you?
  • “I would like my staff to concentrate on more important things than playing on Facebook all day.” Are you concerned about the effectiveness of your hires or how employees use their time? These are management issues that need to be addressed regardless of your social media status.
  • “We tried it; it didn’t work.” Usually because you tried selling rather than developing relationships. Try again with that in mind.
  • “We are just too busy.” Are you too busy to advertise? Didn’t think so.
  • “Could you do it for us?” While it’s possible to farm out your social media presence, the most authentic voice out there is yours.

The business landscape has changed. Put the excuses aside and add social to your marketing mix.

What you’ve missed on Facebook
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This month’s winner: James Blythe!
Our VisoVerbo champ wins a digital print featuring this one-of-a-kind design. Have a favorite quote or saying? Send it in! If your quote is chosen, you’ll receive a digital print of your custom design suitable for framing! Check out your competition here.

Client Spotlight

Bounce N’ Btown
There’s a new family entertainment destination coming to Bloomington: A bounce house venue! We were approached by Elise Graham to help develop its logo.

We started with a variety of thumbnail sketches that placed the emphasis on kids to the house structures themselves. In the end, we came back to our original concept, which is of a kid bouncing into the O of “Bounce.”

We selected a typeface that’s reminiscent of a bounce house shape and “bounced” it to add a sense of physical activity and play.

Lastly, we selected colors that aren’t gender-specific but which add to the overall feeling of excitement. Check it out!

Bounce N’ Btown logo by