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Sparks November 2010


Sparks on holiday next month; Differentiate your business to differentiate your brand; 57 corporate social media policies; 5 tips for lead generation; Hamilton Wright Mabie quote

Sparks October 2010


We win WBE certification; Branding in the post-crash economy; FTC issues new testimonials rules; “Worry” quote

Sparks September 2010


We win two national design awards; 5 strategies for your website redesign; Viveda client spotlight; “Fate/Destiny” quote

Sparks August 2010


How deep links help your site; Follow us on Facebook; Lotus ticket giveaway; CS Property Management client spotlight; Eleanor Roosevelt quote

Sparks July 2010


How to market to your buyer; The Combine is coming!; Every square inch…; Big Red Liquors client spotlight; Martin Luther King quote

Sparks June 2010


Hitler in pink; Currency from a collapsing country; Texting trumps email; Indiana University School of Education Distance Education client spotlight; JB Morton quote

Sparks May 2010


Brand or get branded; Want to get more from your email marketing?; Are customers like lab rats?; Joseph Campbell quote

Sparks April 2010


View winners online; Email marketing: More than just clicks; Boggled by marketingspeak?; Kurt Vonnegut quote

Sparks March 2010

style designated green business; Great brands begin with employees; Selling the brand experience; Oscar Wilde quote

Sparks February 2010


The death of TV ads?; Can I get a witness?; Get deviant, get creative; Thomas Paine quote

Sparks January 2010


Five tips for building an online community; Everything Facebook; “Show me the love”; View winners online; Emerson quote

Sparks October 2009


Sign up for marketing workshop; We win national design awards; Activate…gratitude!; Free social media workshop; “Missing” quote

Sparks August 2009


Cut the chatter; Give the money back; Annual Lotus tix giveaway; Dalai Lama quote

Sparks July 2009


Frozen yogurt teaches brand power; Getting started with social marketing; PowerPoint puts ’em to sleep; Anaïs Nin quote

Sparks June 2009


Who’s selling/buying in the recession; Chocolate needs no marketing; Mann Plumbing & Solar Energy Systems spotlight, Cicero quote

Sparks May 2009


Greeting card line earns Best New Product; featured in entrepreneur book; Mills panel speaker at regional seminar; iPhone apps earn great reviews; Latte liberals, Big Mac conservatives?; George Jean Nathan quote

Sparks March 2009


Sign up for marketing workshop; launches two iPhone applications; Dr Howard & Associates Eye Care client spotlight; African “tree” proverb

Sparks February 2009


Smart use of recession marketing; sign up for marketing workshops; Indiana Enterprise Center client spotlight; “Your name in their mouth” quote

Sparks January 2009


Sign up for hands-on marketing workshop!; choosing a cause to sponsor; Mix marketing to get Google; WFIU client spotlight; MLK quote

Sparks November 2008


Are you a culture creator?; 5 mistakes in Latino marketing; Sparks on holiday; Canopy Group & the Indiana Economic Development Corporation spotlight; Einstein quote