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2011 Sparks E-Newsletters

Sparks November 2011


Sparks on holiday; QR code blunders to avoid; Harriman’s Bomanite spotlight; Lao Tzu quote

Sparks October 2011


We win three national design awards; the “Monomyth” model of brand-building; 4 tips for an effective “About Us” page; Khalil Gibran quote

Sparks August 2011


Brand development primer; Lotus ticket giveaway!; Lincoln quote; Designscape client spotlight

Sparks July 2011


5 questions your designer should ask you; How coupons / Groupon hurt your brand; Hafiz quote; Pomegranate client spotlight

Sparks May 2011


Cairril featured panelist at upcoming seminar; Re-Branding: When & why?; Bring back bulky mail!; Audre Lord quote

Sparks April 2011


Planning a successful website redesign; Mills featured speaker; Social media resources; Robert Owen quote

Sparks March 2011


Three of our logos selected for Rockport book; Mills featured in BizNet; Cairril.com featured Lotus sponsor; Lawyer Metrics spotlight; Harry Emerson Fosdick quote

Sparks February 2011


The Gap logo debacle & crowdsourcing; How to get noticed on Facebook; Dr. Jane Goodman spotlight; George S. Patton quote

Sparks January 2011


The rising power of Eco Moms; The 7 sins of greenwashing; Buckaroo Banzai quote