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2002 Sparks E-Newsletters

Sparks November 2002


TechExpo 2002 report; “Extra Step” award; Web Smarts: Driving Traffic to Your Site; additional search engine resources; Ovid quote; Griner Engineering spotlight

Sparks October 2002


TechExpo 2002; resources on getting the most from your site; Brown quote; Bloomington Chamber of Commerce spotlight

Sparks September 2002


Cairril.com Design anniversary; TechExpo 2002; Web Smarts consultations; Kay quote; IU Individualized Major Program spotlight

Sparks August 2002


Resources for search engine placement; Lotus Festival tickets; portfolio updates; The Mahabharata; Wininger/Stolberg Homes spotlight

Sparks July 2002


Web Smarts: Search Engine Strategies; eliminating spyware; Browning quote; The Old Rooming House spotlight

Sparks June 2002


Cairril.com greeting cards in area stores; what your website really says about your business; Kafka quote; Middleway Food Works spotlight

Sparks May 2002


Web Smarts resource pages; Cairril.com Design greeting cards; Office Easel in the news; Zola quote; Conseco spotlight

Sparks April 2002


Web Smarts: Getting the Most from Your Site; mail preferences; Business Expo; Dickenson quote; Jack Brubaker Designs spotlight