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Sparks May 2016

a truth that's told with bad intent beats all the lies you can invent. - william blake

More cell phones mean more mobile sites; Reaching the college market; William Blake quote

Sparks March 2016

sparks march 2016

We roll out new websites, services; 7 signs you need to redesign your website; Lee Iacocca quote

Sparks September 2015


We win two national design awards; 5 ways to effectivate your landing pages; Whitestown, IN spotlight; Depeche Mode quote

Sparks August 2015


The Hillary logo controversy; More design secrets to spice up your marketing materials; WSProperty Group client spotlight; Elbert Hubbard quote

Sparks May 2015


Our statement on the so-called “Religious Freedom Restoration Act”; Latest stats on the mobile web; Unitarian Universalist Church of Bloomington client spotlight

Sparks March 2015


Why your business can’t live without good design; Farewell to Facebook; Rabbi Zusiya quote

Sparks November 2014


Sparks on holiday in December; 10 interface typos you may not even know you’re making; 4 dead ends on your website; MLK quote

Sparks September 2014


We win three American Graphic Design Awards; Our 13th anniversary; 5-point checklist for your website | Goethe quote

Sparks August 2014


Comcast disaster shows importance of brand; How to give your designer feedback in 11 easy steps; CS Property Management spotlight; Twilight Eclipse quote

Sparks June 2014


What to do with old web content; 100 Men Who Cook spotlight; Same-sex marriage congratulations!

Sparks April 2014


Delineating your brand in a crowded marketplace; 100 Men Who Cook spotlight; Rumi quote

Sparks March 2014


New technology boosts print; more mobile stats; Juma Ikangaa quote

Sparks February 2014


Happy “New” Year!; How to destroy your website in 8 easy steps; How we design; Homer Simpson quote

Sparks November 2013


Sparks on vacation in December; Lessons from the rollout; George Eliot quote; Wittwer Parkin spotlight

Sparks September 2013


We win national design award; Still badgering you about mobile; Now booking work for November; Thank You!; Marzano Research Laboratory spotlight

Sparks August 2013


Gmail’s new tab system; Mobile users spend 2 hours a day on devices; Eleanor Roosevelt quote; Home Bank client spotlight

Sparks June 2013


Mobile web workshop; Connect with your customers’ emotions; The importance of social media; Joseph Campbell quote

Sparks April 2013


How to see our Facebook posts in your newsfeed; Four reasons your website will fail; 2013 Learning Summit client spotlight; Kate Douglas Wiggin quote

Sparks March 2013


Mobile web workshop rescheduled; 3 misconceptions about branding; REL Central client spotlight; “Character” quote

Sparks January 2013


Cairril to present mobile web workshop on Feb 19; 4 reasons visitors ditch your landing page as soon as they get there; CS Property Management client spotlight