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Are All Marketers Liars?

In his book, All Marketers are Liars, Seth Godin contends that consumers prefer fantasy to the truth, and that consequently marketers should “live the lie, fully and completely.” Stopping short of endorsing marketing methods which might kill people, Godin says that marketers should “give people what they want,” regardless of its relation to reality. Many of Godin’s tactical points are accurate, such as that people respond to storytelling better than they do to a dry recitation of features and benfits, or that people are better able to hear a story if it fits in with what they already know. But are all marketers liars? And should storytelling have no connection… Read more » Wins Three American Graphic Design Awards

Bloomington, Ind.— Design & Marketing has won three American Graphic Design Awards for recent work.’s winning pieces were the website for Indiana University’s Student Legal Services and two self-promotional pieces. American Graphic Design Awards have recognized excellence in design for over 40 years. Selected from more than 8,000 entries, winning work represents the best of design studios and ad agencies, large and small, from across the nation. The winning pieces will be featured in the Graphic Design USA Design Annual, a 300-page special edition magazine circulated to more than 100,000 creative and marketing professionals, schools, and organizations. They will also be featured on the Graphic Design USA website. Based… Read more » Design & Marketing celebrates 10th anniversary

Bloomington, Ind.— Design & Marketing is celebrating its tenth anniversary this month with its annual Lotus Festival ticket giveaway and special gifts for clients who have been with the firm for five years or more: WS Property Group; WS Homes; Andrews, Harrell, Mann, Carmin & Parker; CS Property Management; and Canine Companions. began in 2001 as a one-person graphic design shop. It incorporated and rebranded as Design & Marketing in 2005 and now fields teams as large as 10 to serve a primarily south-central Indiana client base in brand development, graphic design, and web development. It won WBE certification in 2010. has won over 15 American Graphic… Read more » featured Lotus sponsor

Bloomington, Ind.—The Lotus World Music Festival has selected Design & Marketing for its sponsor spotlight. The article discusses’s long involvement with the Lotus festival as a sponsor, and principal Cairril Mills’ involvement as a performer with the world music group Kaia (Cairril performs under the name of Cairril Adaire). Mills is a strong believer in the Lotus brand. She founded to coincide with the Lotus Festival and each year gives away a pair of tickets to a client. “Providing Lotus with support is my number one sponsorship priority,” says Mills. “The Festival is a picture of how the world could be, an alternate universe that I want… Read more » logos to be featured in book

Bloomington, Ind.—Three logos designed by Design & Marketing have been selected for the upcoming book Master Library: Typography and Enclosures, a LogoLounge project published by Rockport Publishers. The logos are for Detour Theatre Company, already the winner of an American Graphic Design Award; Genius Groups, a series of workshops produced by the Small Business Development Center and inVenture; and Collins Living-Learning Center, a dormitory on the Indiana University campus. Master Library is a best-selling series from Rockport Publishers. Rockport specializes in creating brilliantly illustrated reference books for professionals, student designers, and artisans of all types. Rockport’s books present the best in design work around the world. LogoLounge, Rockport’s source… Read more »

Cairril Mills featured in BizNet

Bloomington, Ind.—Cairril Mills, principal of Design & Marketing, Inc., was featured in this month’s issue of BizNet, the newsletter of the Greater Bloomington Chamber of Commerce. Mills was interviewed regarding’s social media efforts. has published an email newsletter, Sparks, for nearly ten years. In addition, the business has a Facebook presence and Mills is an active participant on LinkedIn. Mills notes that all social media platforms are used by the brand to keep things “light as well as smart.” uses Facebook, for instance, to post “short, fun creative sparks to people…. We want to respect them by giving a really high signal-to-noise ratio.” Mills also notes… Read more »

What is Graphic Design?

Good design makes a difference in our world. Whether it’s communicating a social ideal, helping a business attract clients, motivating people to join an organization, enabling citizens to vote for the candidate of their choice, or simply helping travelers find their way through a busy airport, good design means connection. Graphic design combines the creativity and formal characteristics of fine art with the audience-centered approach of marketing to create effective visual communication. Unlike fine art, it is always in the service of the client’s needs. Much more than simply “making things look pretty,” graphic design uses color, type, and composition to communicate with the chosen audience. To do this, designers… Read more »

Communicating With Color

Want to come across as professional, warm, intelligent, fun, expert, and competent? That’s a lot to communicate with just one logo! Designers use logo components (typeface, graphic, type treatment, and color) to send a variety of messages at once. When the elements harmonize, people respond to the messages you’re trying to send. Color is a design fundamental. Most people know that hot colors (red, orange, yellow) “approach” and cool colors (blue and purple) “recede.” If businesses are trying to make a splash, they may choose bright yellow or screaming magenta to grab people’s attention. The problem is that few people want to be screamed at! Black and white are the… Read more »

The Business Value of Good Design

Tom Peters Corporate management guru In a world loaded with stuff that looks like all the other stuff and performs like all the other stuff, design is a way to stand out. Rodney Fitch Design Advisory Board, BAA Only one company can be the cheapest, the others have to use design. George Fisher CEO, Kodak In the end, what customers really see is what designers design. That is the ultimate tool that a company has in order to be competitive in the marketplace. Sir John Egan CEO, BAA Design helps to shape experience, and the quality of experience that people have of any company is the most influencing factor in… Read more »

How to Get Great Testimonials

“Prove it.” Anyone can say they offer a quality product or service. But savvy consumers want proof. That means third-party endorsements. Since most small businesses are unlikely to get access to Oprah, that leaves gathering testimonials from best clients. But, too often, testimonials consist of “You were great to work with—I’d do it again!” To make your testimonials into compelling stories, follow the steps below. Who to interview Note we said “best clients” above. Pick the ones who are most like the ones you want to work with in future. Make sure they have a compelling story to tell. If your work for them didn’t have a big impact, their… Read more »

Five Steps to Brand Evangelism

Loyal Sparks readers know the power of a strong brand: a passionate customer base willing to pay price premiums and stick with you through thick and thin. But how do you get there? By moving customers through five stages: 1. Awareness 2. Acceptance & understanding 3. Ready to defend 4. Utilize & internalize 5. Passionate advocacy Brand awareness begins with a strong visual identity (logo, color palette, typographic treatments, and more) that’s communicated clearly and consistently to your customer base. For small businesses, brand awareness is often built through word of mouth rather than through exhaustive marketing campaigns. Once customers are aware of your brand, they engage with it in… Read more »

Five Keys to Reach College Students

Many of our clients work hard to attract the attention of 18- to 24-year-old college students. But it’s not easy. Here are five keys to reaching this demographic: Ramen is dead. Generally speaking, most of today’s college students have been privileged (by Boomer standards) most of their lives. They have discretionary income to spend on entertainment, technology, outdoor activities, and good food ($120b in 2003). They respond to messages of empowerment, not privation. Segment by lifestyle. Don’t treat all college students the same. Tailor your message to reach the market that needs your product or service. Sports fanatics will respond differently than an arts crowd or intellectuals. Be where they… Read more »

Branding 101: A Primer for Businesses

Everybody seems to be talking about branding these days, but what is it, really? This article gives you a succinct overview. What is branding? Branding is a holistic approach to your company’s position, customer interactions, and operations, based on your company’s values. Branding is devoted to establishing and nurturing a relationship with your customers. What is a brand? Your brand is a person’s gut feeling about your company. It’s an emotional, sensory understanding of what your company is, rather than an intellectual, rational memory of your tagline or logo. Why have a strong brand? The stronger your brand, the greater your customer loyalty. The world’s strongest brands have not just… Read more » Design & Marketing Awarded WBE Certification

Bloomington, Ind.— Design & Marketing has been awarded Woman Owned Business Enterprise (WBE) status by the Indiana division of Minority and Women’s Business Enterprises. The certification provides third-party recognition of’s woman-owned status. It is a valuable tool in accessing government contracts and providing services to companies with diversity programs. Certified services include branding and product naming, marketing services, web development, and graphic design. The certification process is comprehensive and extends far beyond verification of legal ownership by women. Business owners seeking certification must provide clear and documented evidence that at least 51% of the company is women-owned, controlled, and operated. Specifically, the contribution of capital and expertise by the… Read more » Wins National Design Awards; Celebrates Ninth Anniversary

Bloomington, Ind.— Design & Marketing has won two American Graphic Design Awards for recent work.’s winning pieces were the brand and website for Mahern Audio and “African Proverb,” a self-promotional printed piece.   American Graphic Design Awards have recognized excellence in design for over 40 years. Selected from more than 8,000 entries, winning work represents the best of design studios and ad agencies, large and small, from across the nation. Both pieces will be featured in the Graphic Design USA Design Annual, a 300-page special edition magazine circulated to more than 100,000 creative and marketing professionals, schools, and organizations. Design & Marketing also recently celebrated its ninth year… Read more » Design & Marketing Redesigns Big Red Liquors Website

August 2010 Bloomington, Ind.— recently completed an extensive redesign of the Big Red Liquors website. A Bloomington institution for many years, Big Red Liquors (BRL) also has locations in Bedford, Terre Haute, and Martinsville. Their old website did not reflect the BRL brand of a highly knowledgeable staff and a wide selection of wines, beer, and spirits. It was a “brochureware” site with only the most basic functionality. BRL came to to upgrade their web presence to bring it more in line with their brand and to add a wide variety of dynamic features. Working with their team, placed the design focus squarely on wine, with a more… Read more » Design & Marketing Designated Green Business

Bloomington, Ind.—The Greater Bloomington Chamber of Commerce recently recognized as a green business. It is one of only eight businesses in the region to receive the designation to-date. was recognized for “consciously and consistently incorporating sustainable business practices into their daily operations and committing to reduce their impact on the environment.” “We’re delighted to be recognized for the steps we’ve taken above and beyond the ‘buy recycled’ phase of sustainable business practices,” says Cairril Mills, principal of “I think it’s especially important to show how a micro-enterprise can make a difference.” Among other things, was recognized for Earth-friendly policies such as re-using materials before recycling them,… Read more »

Getting Started on the Web: A Guide for Small Business

Many organizations and businesses would like to have a website but don’t know where to start. Before you hire a designer for your site, think about these issues: Your Site’s Scope Will your site be informational, similar to a brochure? An e-commerce site for selling products or services over the web through a secure connection? An interactive site where visitors can connect with each other or play games? Knowing the scope of your site determines your need for server space, your budget for development, and whether you need a single designer or a development team consisting of designers, programmers, database specialists, and so on. In general, the simpler the site,… Read more » Wins National Design Awards; Celebrates Eighth Anniversary

Bloomington, Ind.— Design & Marketing has won two American Graphic Design Awards for recent work.’s winning pieces were “Rock On,” a greeting card created for Sequel Designs and licensed to the Hard Rock Café; and the brand and website for the Indiana Enterprise Center, created for First Capital Group. “Rock On” was also recently recognized as one of a group of cards deemed “Best In Show—Greeting Cards” at the New York Stationery Show. American Graphic Design Awards have recognized excellence in design for over 30 years. Selected from more than 10,000 entries, winning work represents the best of design studios and ad agencies, large and small, from across the… Read more » featured in new book

Bloomington, Ind.— Design & Marketing is featured in the new book How to Open & Operate a Financially Successful Web Site Design Business. The book is published by Atlantic Publishing and edited by Melissa Peterson. The book consists of a number of success stories from businesses large and small. Each summary includes advice for budding entrepreneurs. Copies of the book can be ordered through local bookstores or online. Design & Marketing is a brand development firm specializing in high-impact branding, print design, and web development. It has won numerous awards for design excellence and strategic thinking.