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September 2015
We win two national design awards; 5 ways to effectivate your landing pages; Whitestown, IN spotlight; Depeche Mode quote

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August 2015
The Hillary logo controversy; More design secrets to spice up your marketing materials; WSProperty Group client spotlight; Elbert Hubbard quote

May 2015
Our statement on the so-called "Religious Freedom Restoration Act"; Latest stats on the mobile web; Unitarian Universalist Church of Bloomington client spotlight

March 2015
Why your business can't live without good design; Farewell to Facebook; Rabbi Zusiya quote

November 2014
Sparks on holiday in December; 10 interface typos you may not even know you're making; 4 dead ends on your website; MLK quote

September 2014
We win three American Graphic Design Awards; Our 13th anniversary; 5-point checklist for your website | Goethe quote

August 2014
Comcast disaster shows importance of brand; How to give your designer feedback in 11 easy steps; CS Property Management spotlight; Twilight Eclipse quote

June 2014
What to do with old web content; 100 Men Who Cook spotlight; Same-sex marriage congratulations!

April 2014
Delineating your brand in a crowded marketplace; 100 Men Who Cook spotlight; Rumi quote

March 2014
New technology boosts print; more mobile stats; Juma Ikangaa quote

February 2014
Happy "New" Year!; How to destroy your website in 8 easy steps; How we design; Homer Simpson quote

November 2013
Sparks on vacation in December; Lessons from the rollout; George Eliot quote; Wittwer Parkin spotlight

September 2013
We win national design award; Still badgering you about mobile; Now booking work for November; Thank You!; Marzano Research Laboratory spotlight

August 2013
Gmail's new tab system; Mobile users spend 2 hours a day on devices; Eleanor Roosevelt quote; Home Bank client spotlight

June 2013
Mobile web workshop; Connect with your customers' emotions; The importance of social media; Joseph Campbell quote

-Kate Douglas Wiggin April 2013
How to see our Facebook posts in your newsfeed; Four reasons your website will fail; 2013 Learning Summit client spotlight; Kate Douglas Wiggin quote
Character quote March 2013
Mobile web workshop rescheduled; 3 misconceptions about branding; REL Central client spotlight; "Character" quote
Einstein quote January 2013
Cairril to present mobile web workshop on Feb 19; 4 reasons visitors ditch your landing page as soon as they get there; CS Property Management client spotlight
Einstein quote November 2012
Mobile sites are mission critical for local businesses; When designers get cranky: The hilarious story of Missy the Cat; Home Bank client spotlight; Douglas Adams quote
Einstein quote October 2012
Yes, you still need a mobile website; CS Property Management Client Spotlight; Albert Einstein quote
 September 2012
We win three national design awards; Why you need a mobile site. Really.
"umph" quote July 2012
What is your brand?; 7 simple ways to strengthen customer relationships; Ray Bradbury quote
"umph" quote June 2012
Four must-have tactics to persuade customers to buy; Social media workshop on Wednesday; Lotus client spotlight; "Umph" quote
zig ziglar quote May 2012
Four competencies for great customer experience; Great handbook on creating customer evangelists; Zig Ziglar quote
charlotte brontë quote April 2012
Six reasons to embrace print; Four ways to handle negative comments; Charlotte Brontë quote
carrie ryan quote March 2012
Why you should listen to your customers; How to create more compelling ads; Carrie Ryan quote
larry sunn quote February 2012
Four steps to better web copy; Five reasons you're not using social media; Bounce N' Btown spotlight; Larry Sunn quote
chance favors the prepared mind - louis pasteur January 2012
Happy New Year!; Why customers unsubscribe; Three tips to a better brand; Solution Tree spotlight; Louis Pasteur quote
to the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders November 2011
Sparks on holiday; QR code blunders to avoid; Harriman's Bomanite spotlight; Lao Tzu quote
I dwell in possibility October 2011
We win three national design awards; the "Monomyth" model of brand-building; 4 tips for an effective "About Us" page; Khalil Gibran quote
I dwell in possibility September 2011
10-year anniversary retrospective!
 August 2011
Brand development primer; Lotus ticket giveaway!; Lincoln quote; Designscape client spotlight
 July 2011
5 questions your designer should ask you; How coupons / Groupon hurt your brand; Hafiz quote; Pomegranate client spotlight
 May 2011
Cairril featured panelist at upcoming seminar; Re-Branding: When & why?; Bring back bulky mail!; Audre Lord quote
 April 2011
Planning a successful website redesign; Mills featured speaker; Social media resources; Robert Owen quote
 March 2011
Three of our logos selected for Rockport book; Mills featured in BizNet; featured Lotus sponsor; Lawyer Metrics spotlight; Harry Emerson Fosdick quote
 February 2011
The Gap logo debacle & crowdsourcing; How to get noticed on Facebook; Dr. Jane Goodman spotlight; George S. Patton quote
 January 2011
The rising power of Eco Moms; The 7 sins of greenwashing; Buckaroo Banzai quote
 November 2010
Sparks on holiday next month; Differentiate your business to differentiate your brand; 57 corporate social media policies; 5 tips for lead generation; Hamilton Wright Mabie quote
 October 2010
We win WBE certification; Branding in the post-crash economy; FTC issues new testimonials rules; "Worry" quote
 September 2010
We win two national design awards; 5 strategies for your website redesign; Viveda client spotlight; "Fate/Destiny" quote
 August 2010
How deep links help your site; Follow us on Facebook; Lotus ticket giveaway; CS Property Management client spotlight; Eleanor Roosevelt quote
 July 2010
How to market to your buyer; The Combine is coming!; Every square inch...; Big Red Liquors client spotlight; Martin Luther King quote
 June 2010
Hitler in pink; Currency from a collapsing country; Texting trumps email; Indiana University School of Education Distance Education client spotlight; JB Morton quote
 May 2010
Brand or get branded; Want to get more from your email marketing?; Are customers like lab rats?; Joseph Campbell quote
 April 2010
View winners online; Email marketing: More than just clicks; Boggled by marketingspeak?; Kurt Vonnegut quote
 March 2010 designated green business; Great brands begin with employees; Selling the brand experience; Oscar Wilde quote
 February 2010
The death of TV ads?; Can I get a witness?; Get deviant, get creative; Thomas Paine quote
 January 2010
Five tips for building an online community; Everything Facebook; "Show me the love"; View winners online; Emerson quote
 October 2009
Sign up for marketing workshop; We win national design awards; Activate…gratitude!; Free social media workshop; "Missing" quote
 August 2009
Cut the chatter; Give the money back; Annual Lotus tix giveaway; Dalai Lama quote
 July 2009
Frozen yogurt teaches brand power; Getting started with social marketing; PowerPoint puts 'em to sleep; Anaïs Nin quote
 June 2009
Who's selling/buying in the recession; Chocolate needs no marketing; Mann Plumbing & Solar Energy Systems spotlight, Cicero quote
tree May 2009
Greeting card line earns Best New Product; featured in entrepreneur book; Mills panel speaker at regional seminar; iPhone apps earn great reviews; Latte liberals, Big Mac conservatives?; George Jean Nathan quote
tree March 2009
Sign up for marketing workshop; launches two iPhone applications; Dr Howard & Associates Eye Care client spotlight; African "tree" proverb
name safe February 2009
Smart use of recession marketing; sign up for marketing workshops; Indiana Enterprise Center client spotlight; "Your name in their mouth" quote
freedom January 2009
Sign up for hands-on marketing workshop!; choosing a cause to sponsor; Mix marketing to get Google; WFIU client spotlight; MLK quote
 November 2008
Are you a culture creator?; 5 mistakes in Latino marketing; Sparks on holiday; Canopy Group & the Indiana Economic Development Corporation spotlight; Einstein quote
dance in the rain October 2008
Obama logo clear winner; Smart incentives in a tight economy; Anyone opening your email?; Mandy Wright wins two Lotus tix; Dancing in the rain quote
 September 2008
Named for Mary & Jim; We win national design award; Win 2 tix to Lotus!; TitlePlus! spotlight; Proust quote
butterfly August 2008
What happened to Starbucks?; Neat product? Neat website!; The $99 logo; R. Buckminster Fuller quote (one of our all-time favorite VisoVerbos!)
busy July 2008
We’re really busy! Four videos to keep you amused and a 10-minute-limit Visoverbo. We’ll be back next month with more content!
warning June 2008
Our Monroe Bank website design wins prestigious Maxi award—again; Get the most from your rewards program; Why white space = sophistication; Olympus Properties client spotlight; Elizabeth Barrette quote
axis of joy May 2008
All about e-newsletters: 4 steps to choose an e-newsletter distributor; CAN-SPAM e-newsletter law updated; Northern Manors client spotlight; Louise Bogan quote
magic lives April 2008
Building brands in a recession; Tempate for social media press release; On sale = "cheap"?; Oscar Wilde quote
magic lives March 2008
Handling negative feedback about your business; …And you thought your marketing was challenging; Mills presentation big draw; Sequel Designs spotlight; Michelle Alcott quote
mission accomplished February 2008
Register now for "Integrated Ad Campaigns" 05 March; Mills to speak at apartment association luncheon; Surprising truth about sticky notes; featured in "The Entrepreneur Story"; Douglas Adams quote
 January 2008
Say "Thank You" to win brand loyalty; Facebook privacy scandal hurts brand, hints at future; Indiana University Marketing spotlight; Mother Teresa quote
December 2007 (no issue—on vacation!)
 November 2007
Our design for Smallwood Plaza wins Prodigy Award; Cairril attends DUX conference on user experience; Five tips for effective brochures; Recent speaking engagements; Debi O’Heran quote
 September 2007
We win 4 American Graphic Design Awards; Our sixth anniversary brings Erica De Santis Lotus tickets; What makes you unique?; Jerry Downs quote
 August 2007
Brand experience: your sole competitive advantage; Offline marketing critical to your site's success; Annual Lotus Fest ticket giveaway; Hands of Love card available; Smithwood at Renwick spotlight; Anne McCaffrey quote
 July 2007
Make your newsletters work; 5 new musts of email marketing; Avant-nerds going mainstream; Monroe County Bar Association spotlight; Churchill "pigs" quote
 June 2007
Seven musts for a product launch; Get attention with Brand Spaces; Rubicon Custom Homes spotlight; e.e. cummings quote
 May 2007
Our redesign of Monroe Bank website wins Maxi Award; How to get great customer testimonials; Make direct mail more effective; Minority Report arrives; John Holt quote
 April 2007
Is your biz boring? Let it out!; Promote 101 coming May 2nd; New online small biz marketing seminars; Mills featured at IU and SEED Corp; Dr Suess quote
March 2007
Mills appointed to Indiana University SLIS Masters of Information Board; Get your biz on board the Experience Economy; Genghis Khan quote; Renwick: Cameron Row spotlight
February 2007
E-newsletters build brands; Beyond e-newsletters: Web 2.0; Mills featured branding expert in Business Network; Anne Lamott quote
January 2007
Our redesign of Monroe Bank site receives national nod; Web searchers want your…phone number?; Happy New Year; Voltaire quote; The Mercury spotlight
December 2006 (no issue—on vacation!)
November 2006
Dump the Drone; Mills at IU Networking Nights; We're moving!; Sparks on holiday; Elizabeth Barrette quote; Greater Bloomington Chamber of Commerce spotlight
October 2006
Overcome Time Deficit Disorder (TDD); Podcasting 101; Faith Baldwin quote; St John Associates spotlight
September 2006 wins national design award; celebrates fifth anniversary; Hands of Love card available; WWJLPD quote; Global Network Operations Center spotlight
August 2006
Email signatures that get results; Dollar impact of a Bloomington re-brand; nominated for Fuse Business Innovation Award; “Live!!” quote; Optiks + Buskirk-Chumley spotlight
July 2006
Brilliant logo = great brand, right? Wrong!; Use Google Alerts to help your biz; Print shop sign quote; Collins Living-Learning Center spotlight
June 2006
Jump-start your business with Opinion Leaders; Writing effective customer service surveys; Dalai Lama quote; Jennifer Garant Studios spotlight
May 2006
Effective green marketing to improve sales; Get Web traffic with new Yahoo! ad links; Japanese proverb; WS Homes spotlight
April 2006
Build your brand through co-production; Bottom Line Design Awards; Mills featured speaker at area classes; Einstein quote; Sequel spotlight
March 2006
Proof in the picture: Positive brands win; Top 3 myths of search engine rankings; Van Gogh quote; Indiana University Office for the Vice-President of Information Technology spotlight
February 2006
Oops—when government sites go bad; Four steps to turbocharge business referrals; G.K. Chesterton quote; Genius Groups spotlight
January 2006
Four trends that will impact your brand; Want web traffic? Keep it fresh; Chinese proverb; Canine Companions spotlight
December 2005 (no issue—on vacation!)
November 2005
Three tips to prove your value; recent speaking engagements; Mark Twain quote; Renwick spotlight
October 2005
Communicating with color; Top three web scams; Anthony Robbins quote; Fuse Business Innovation Awards spotlight
September 2005
Who's your target market?; wins two national design awards; celebrates fourth anniversary; Gandhi quote; Canine Companions spotlight
August 2005
What people hate about websites; Lotus Festival ticket giveaway; Mills appointed to Ivy Tech-Columbus advisory board; “Life is short” quote; Smallwood Plaza spotlight
July 2005
Five keys to reaching college students; Business planning course to begin; Churchill quote; Andrews, Harrell, Mann, Carmin & Parker spotlight
June 2005
Are marketers liars?; What makes logos work; Mills attends design conference; Hepburn quote; Parker Real Estate Management spotlight
May 2005
Google's "Golden Triangle" and what it means for you; Five easy ways to help your site rank higher in search engines; Recent speaking engagements; Picasso quote; Icebreakers spotlight
April 2005 branding radio show available online; Get emotional: How strong brands differentiate; World Day of Design; Benjamin Franklin quote; Andrews, Harrell, Mann, Carmin & Parker spotlight
March 2005
Five stages of brand-building; Reaching women on the web; Catherine the Great quote; Bloomington Community Farmers' Market spotlight
February 2005 to discuss branding on Bloomington Business radio show; "Small but steady" helps build your brand; Study finds design and information structure key to website credibility; featured on marketing panel; Eleanor Roosevelt quote; Indiana METACyt Initiative spotlight
 January 2005
New, Inc. debuts; Branding, Schmanding (new Branding 101 article); Creating a “wow” customer experience; Jack Brubaker Designs selected to create Arts award; Fritz Lang quote; Design & Marketing, Inc. spotlight
December 2004 (no issue—on vacation!)
 November 2004
Got customers?: Three steps to attracting new business; Design & Marketing, Inc. to debut in January; Sparks on holiday in December; Corinne Roosevelt Robinson quote; SEED Corp. spotlight
 October 2004
Marketing to local customers using your site; Fortune 100 companies not optimizing sites; Design speaking engagements; Aaron Stanton quote; Renwick spotlight
 September 2004 Design wins national design award; Design honored with Chamber award; Getting to customer evangelism; Celebrating our third anniversary; Churchill quote; XLiveCD spotlight
August 2004
Do you treat customers like strangers or like friends?; Marketing ROI calculator; Lotus ticket giveaway; Aristotle quote; Women’s Center for Natural Healing spotlight
July 2004
What makes your business unique?; Google tool for brainstorming; Mother Teresa quote; Wininger/Stolberg Commercial spotlight
June 2004
Five key marketing strategies for small business; Cool tools for webmasters; Dorothy Parker quote; inVenture spotlight
May 2004
Promoting your site through offline channels; new LiveWire e-newsletter for small businesses; VisoVerbo gallery launched; Lily Tomlin quote; American Student Achievement Institute spotlight
April 2004
How to build your brand; using modifiers for better search engine rankings; Charles Shultz quote; Monroe Bank spotlight
March 2004
CAN-SPAM Act and what it means for you; getting started with pay-per-click; “Must be present to win” quote; First United Church spotlight
February 2004
Branding for small businesses; recent Web stats and what it means for your business; Maryanne Radmacher-Hershey quote; Cathy Moore spotlight
January 2004
Turning employees into brand evangelists; the buzz about blogs; Jack Brubaker Designs featured in local paper; Anne Morrow Lindbergh quote; City of Bloomington spotlight
December 2003 (no issue—on vacation!)
November 2003
Build your brand by building trust; 4 top ways to improve your site rankings; Sparks on holiday; “Rest & be thankful” quote; Catherine Hilt-Hughes spotlight
October 2003
Improve your site’s ranking using Google’s PageRank tool; online pay-per-click search engine guide; Google launches improved AdWords Select tool; Jim Johnson quote; SEED Corp. spotlight
September 2003 Design wins Double Dot Award; free WebTrends seminar on web metrics; Google & Overture’s contextual ads; Caryn Leschen quote; South Central Indiana Small Business Development Center spotlight
August 2003 Design wins national design award; win two tickets to Lotus Festival; online resources updated, including new info on e-commerce search engines; Henri Carter-Bresson quote; Detour Theatre Company spotlight
July 2003 Design featured in Chamber of Commerce Business Network; improve your linking strategy; writing great PPC ads; Elizabeth Barrette quote; MedPro Services, Inc. spotlight
June 2003 Design presenting Web Smarts to Indiana SBDC directors’ meeting, how to hire a search engine optimization firm; a commercial that delights: the power of great design; St Augustine quote; Indiana University International Studies program spotlight
May 2003 Design greeting cards in area and national stores; how your Website looks to a search engine spider; free teleclass on e-zines; Leonard Bernstein quote; Regency Management Service, L.L.C. spotlight
April 2003
Web Smarts: Search Engine Strategies resource page updated; search engine submission resource page updated; boosting your chances for an effective website; Marva Collins quote; Parke, Williams, Ltd. spotlight
March 2003
Web Smarts: Search Engine Strategies coming to Business Expo; Web Smarts: Driving Traffic to Your Site resource pages available; Auden quote; Wonderdisc spotlight
February 2003
Web Smarts at SBDC and Business Expo; how long to wait before your site gets added to search engine indices; Stoppard quote; Silicon Valley Coach Federation spotlight
January 2003
Web Smarts update; choosing keywords for your site; Middleway Food Works take-home meals; what to do with those Ameritech phone cards; Joyce quote; Wininger/Stolberg Commercial spotlight
December 2002 (no issue—on vacation!)
November 2002
TechExpo 2002 report; “Extra Step” award; Web Smarts: Driving Traffic to Your Site; additional search engine resources; Ovid quote; Griner Engineering spotlight
October 2002
TechExpo 2002; resources on getting the most from your site; Brown quote; Bloomington Chamber of Commerce spotlight
September 2002 Design anniversary; TechExpo 2002; Web Smarts consultations; Kay quote; IU Individualized Major Program spotlight
August 2002
Resources for search engine placement; Lotus Festival tickets; portfolio updates; The Mahabharata; Wininger/Stolberg Homes spotlight
July 2002
Web Smarts: Search Engine Strategies; eliminating spyware; Browning quote; The Old Rooming House spotlight
June 2002 greeting cards in area stores; what your website really says about your business; Kafka quote; Middleway Food Works spotlight
May 2002
Web Smarts resource pages; Design greeting cards; Office Easel in the news; Zola quote; Conseco spotlight
April 2002 (Premiere issue)
Web Smarts: Getting the Most from Your Site; mail preferences; Business Expo; Dickenson quote; Jack Brubaker Designs spotlight