’s Design for Monroe Bank Website Wins Prestigious Maxi Award—Again -’s Design for Monroe Bank Website Wins Prestigious Maxi Award—Again

Monroe Bank recently received its second Maxi Award from the Indiana Bankers Association (IBA) for its website designed by Design & Marketing.

Maxi Indiana Bankers Association Marketing Excellence AwardFor 28 years, the IBA has recognized marketing and advertising excellence through the Maxi Awards. It is considered a high honor to receive a Maxi due to the intense nature of the competition, which covers marketing and advertising materials from websites to ads to annual reports. logo_maxi

Monroe Bank swept 3 awards for banks with over $500 million in assets, more than any other institution in the category. Besides the website, Monroe Bank won Maxi Awards for point of purchase and print advertising materials.

“It’s fantastic to see that Monroe Bank is still recognized as best-in-class for its site,” said Cairril Mills, principal of “Their strong brand positioning, expressed through the site, continues to contribute to bottom-line growth.”

View a case study of the Monroe Bank site design at

The Maxi Awards are presented as part of the IBA’s annual Mega Conference. Over 1,200 banking professionals from throughout the Midwest attend annually, making it the largest state meeting in the country. Design & Marketing specializes in brand-building for small and medium-size businesses. Based in Bloomington, it serves a nationwide client base in commercial, government, academic, and non-profit sectors, and has garnered a number of national awards.

Monroe Bancorp, headquartered in Bloomington, Indiana, is an Indiana bank holding company with offices in central and south-central Indiana. Its wholly owned subsidiary, Monroe Bank, was established in Bloomington, Indiana in 1892 and holds more than $530 million in assets. Monroe Bank offers a full range of financial, trust and investment services to its more than 20,000 retail and commercial customers. The Company’s common stock is traded on the NASDAQ® National Stock Market under the symbol MROE.

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