launches two iPhone applications - launches two iPhone applications

Bloomington, Ind.—, Inc., the parent company of Design & Marketing, has released two applications for the Apple iPhone.

The first application, “Questions,” is a compilation of over 700 questions from movies, books, poetry, comic books, songs, musicals, and everyday life. The questions can be used as a game, conversation starters, or even as meditation prompts.

“Definitely check out ‘Questions’—if you’re creative you could have a lot of fun with this app with a group of friends…. The most random game you’ve ever played in your life because some of these questions are just off the wall…. Definitely check out this app; it’s pretty neat; you can use it for a variety of different things.”
– Jerad Hill, TheAppPodcast


The second application, “World Stories & Legends,” is a collection of adventure and hero tales from around the globe. While some are well-known, most are obscure yet compelling tales. All the stories have been rewritten to feature strong female characters and reflect contemporary values.

“A really neat app; a cool concept…. Most of these [stories] I’d never heard before so it’s been kind of fun checking them out…. You can do anything with these stories; it just depends on how creative you are.”
– Jerad Hill, TheAppPodcast


Each application is $1.99. Download “Questions” at Download “World Stories and Legends” at Note: You must have iTunes and an iPhone to play the applications.

SPECIAL: The first 5 people to contact us can download the applications for free using our promo codes. Contact us today! Design & Marketing is a brand development firm specializing in high-ROI print design and web development. It has won numerous awards for design excellence and strategic thinking.