featured in Entrepreneur Story book - featured in Entrepreneur Story book

Bloomington, Ind.— is one of 70 businesses profiled in the new e-book, The Entrepreneur Story. The brainchild of Carolynn Duncan, the book’s goal was to be a collection of stories from 100 entrepreneurs, published with a $100 budget within 30 days.

Seventy entrepreneurs, 35 states, 5 continents, 10 months, & $49 later, The Entrepreneur Story is that book. A crash course in the realities of being an entrepreneur, The Entrepreneur Story helps you cross the divide from just having a great idea to starting a profitable business.

The book includes stories from more than 70 current business owners; seven brainstorming worksheets; relevant information on business plans, funding, and more; and business info, advice, and tips from entrepreneurs who have been there, done that. Copies are available for purchase for $9.95.

Ryan Byrd, University of Utah MBA, declared the book to be “a goldmine of entrepreneurial wisdom—not from sheltered academics, but from seasoned, successful small business owners working in the trenches.”

“There are a slew of books about establishing and operating a business; however, learning first-hand from individuals who have actually been through it makes this book a truly valuable resource,” said Danielle White, freelance consultant for the Utah Small Business Development Center and co-founder of The Cancer Crusaders Organization.

The story is told from a personal viewpoint, describing the unexpected twists that brought Cairril to found a successful business instead of becoming a star on Broadway. Purchase a copy of The Entrepreneur Story at its website; scroll to the middle of the page and click “Add to Cart.” Design & Marketing specializes in brand-building for small and medium-size businesses. Based in Bloomington, it serves a nationwide client base in commercial, government, academic, and non-profit sectors, and has garnered a number of awards.