logos to be featured in book - logos to be featured in book

Bloomington, Ind.—Three logos designed by Design & Marketing have been selected for the upcoming book Master Library: Typography and Enclosures, a LogoLounge project published by Rockport Publishers.

The logos are for Detour Theatre Company, already the winner of an American Graphic Design Award; Genius Groups, a series of workshops produced by the Small Business Development Center and inVenture; and Collins Living-Learning Center, a dormitory on the Indiana University campus.

Master Library is a best-selling series from Rockport Publishers. Rockport specializes in creating brilliantly illustrated reference books for professionals, student designers, and artisans of all types. Rockport’s books present the best in design work around the world.

LogoLounge, Rockport’s source for the book, was born out of a need to find logo reference material more efficiently. Its online directory consists of over 140,000 logos and is continually growing. Its book collections are bestsellers in the design community and beyond.

Logos for the book were selected for their quality, timeliness, relevance, and inspirational nature. They reflect an effective mix of large and smaller firms, geographies, budgets, and client types.

featuredlogos Design & Marketing, Inc. is a WBE-certified firm. Based in Bloomington, it provides brand-building services to a nationwide client base and has won numerous awards for design, strategy, and community involvement.