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Do You Recognize the Following?

Many growing companies find that their information systems and ad-hoc communication practices are not building the deep shared knowledge base needed to support rapid and sustainable growth. Do you recognize the following?

Data Systems Don’t Connect

Data lives in proprietary systems with limited seats or complex, incompatible interfaces.

Critical Knowledge Gets Lost

Valuable information is sent via email, hard to locate later, and rarely shared with new staff.

Answers Live in a Maze

Common drives with idiosyncratic folder names make information retrieval near impossible.

Communication is Tense

Departmental silos lead to gatekeeping, turf wars, and
low morale.

It’s Time to Improve the Workflow

You can reclaim all those staff hours lost searching for basic information, duplicating work, and curating access to data and work products. You can reconnect daily work to your big-picture mission. Forget workarounds–let’s solve the root problem!

Cut Through the Confusion Business Consulting cuts through legacy systems to create smooth flows of communication and easy access to information throughout your organization. Our consultation services yield…



Relevant data is captured, stored, and easily retrieved in a usable format.


Intradepartmental Communication

Departments depend on each other for proactive, transparent information sharing.


Knowledge-Driven Culture

Each employee proactively contributes to and benefits from organizational learning.



Simple to use training tools ensure sustainable, second-order change.

Positioning for Prosperity


We work with you to cut through confusing systems and staff resistance to create a culture where everyone wants to communicate effectively and has the tools necessary to do it. Information is stored and retrieved in intuitive ways to facilitate company growth and outstanding performance. Your organization is positioned effectively to prosper with high employee retention and a positive culture.

Our sister company Design & Marketing is well qualified to handle any implementation needs such as intranets, wikis, software patches, and the like.

About Us


Cairril Mills

Cairril Mills is an organization consultant with 15 years experience analyzing business systems for over 100 clients in a variety of fields. As principal of Design & Marketing, her focus is on creating a positive brand culture that leads to company growth and greater employee and customer satisfaction. Cairril is a creative problem solver with an insightful mind and great questions.


Gretchen Knapp

Gretchen Knapp develops strategies, structures, and systems that help businesses achieve their goals. Her career includes 7 years leading a start-up and 9 years working within a corporate team environment, as Vice President first of Production, then of Marketing. Her unique combination of entrepreneurial and executive experience helps her develop pragmatic, sustainable solutions that satisfy both leaders and staff.

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