Sparks August 2015 -

Sparks August 2015

In the News

The Hillary logo controversy
Nothing stirs up the design community like logos for presidential campaigns. Our October 2008 issue explained how President Obama’s logo was a clear winner over John McCain’s. Some of the same rules for failure apply to Hillary Clinton’s logo.

One of the main complaints about the logo is that’s so square and hard-edged. Hillary already has a reputation for being somewhat prickly and her logo should’ve addressed that by softening the edges.

A side effect of the pointy horizontal logo is that this is the most passive way you can design a line. This is Design Fundamentals 101: A vertical line is active, a horizontal line is passive, and diagonal and curved lines are dynamic.

One of the more regrettable aspects of the logo is its similarity to the symbol for hospitals. Oops.

Check out this amusing compilation of designers’ views, along with suggested alternatives.

Hillary’s not the only one under fire. Here’s criticism of Ted Cruz’s logo.

More design secrets to spice up your marketing pieces
The e-newsletter publishing juggernaut Emma has published an infographic laying out why a picture is worth a thousand words. Or launches a thousand ships? Whatever.

Of course, we have promoted the smart use of color and photography since the day the empire was founded. Humans are emotional creatures, and nothing grabs the emotions like color and imagery. (A side note: research at Sunrise Greeting Cards showed that the best-selling images were of kittens and puppies, followed by the faces of infants. This will likely not apply to your corporate website.)

Using a carefully crafted color palette and high-impact photography makes an immediate connection with your viewer, whether they’re looking at your latest brochure or checking out your site on their phone. Contact us to learn how to put the power of imagery to work!




This month’s winner: Drake Spaeth!
Our VisoVerbo champ wins a digital print featuring this one-of-a-kind design. Have a favorite quote or saying? Send it in! If your quote is chosen, you’ll receive a digital print of your custom design suitable for framing! Check out your competition here.

Client Spotlight

WSProperty Group
We have been very fortunate to work with WSProperty Group (formerly WS Commercial) practically since the day we opened shop. We designed their first website and refreshed it over the years, and also created marketing sheets and brochures for them.

Like all things in time, the website was ready for a complete overhaul. The business leases and manages commercial properties but is also involved in a wide variety of other ventures. The new site needed to capture the more professional brand and range of services WSPG offers.

We picked up on the diagonals of the logo (see Hillary logo article for the importance of diagonals) to create the base design. The strong lines create a dynamic presence on the page. The beauty shots of various properties rotate through on the home page, giving a quick view of the beautiful architecture WSPG creates.

More than a simple brochure site, it now offers the ability to search the MLS for commercial properties available for lease throughout the Bloomington area. WSPG properties are always listed first in the search results, but other properties come after. If a site visitor sees another property they’re interested in, they can immediately contact Debi O’Heran at WSPG to walk them through the process of securing the best property for their needs.

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