Sparks April 2013 -

Sparks April 2013

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How to see our Facebook posts in your newsfeed
Last year, Facebook rolled out a new way of handling business’ pages and posts. Since then we’ve seen a dramatic fall-off in the number of people receiving our FB posts. This move by FB is an attempt to get businesses to pay to show up in their fans’ news feed. We can’t afford their prices.

However! You can receive our weekly posts in your newsfeed by following these simple steps. You may want to add other pages you’ve Liked so you don’t miss content you signed up for.

Four reasons your website will fail
The web is constantly changing. Are you keeping up? Here are six things that are killing your website’s potential.

  1. Not built for mobile. Converting your site to a mobile-ready version is mission-critical. We can help you. Read our article on mobile to understand why it’s so important.
  2. No social media links. Eighty percent of small business websites have no link to social media, even when they have social accounts! Make sure you connect your website with your social media presence to pick up more fans.
  3. No contact information. Sixty to 75% of small businesses don’t include a way to contact them on their website. Is your email address and phone number prominent on your site? Do you have an online form potential customers can use?
  4. No SEO strategy. If people can’t find you by doing a keyword search in their favorite search engine, you don’t exist. Know your keywords, optimize your site, and build valuable content that others will link to.

There’s no point to having a website if it doesn’t connect you with prospective and current customers. Rectify these mistakes and you’ll see results.

What you’ve missed on Facebook
Here are some of our recent Facebook posts. “Like” us to get in on the goodness.

  • Kitty latte art
  • The world’s first algae-powered building
  • We’ve seen it before: Design fads in movie posters
  • New T-shirt benefits survivors in Boston




This month’s winner: Kim Ecenbarger!
Our VisoVerbo champ wins a digital print featuring this one-of-a-kind design. Have a favorite quote or saying? Send it in! If your quote is chosen, you’ll receive a digital print of your custom design suitable for framing! Check out your competition here.

Client Spotlight

2013 Learning Summit
The Monroe County Community School Corporation was ready to expand their Learning Summit this summer. Last year’s event was a success but they wanted to reach a broader audience. They had a great roster of speakers lined up to educate teachers on improving classroom results, but they needed to get the word out.

MCCSC hired us to update their logo and create the Learning Summit website. We added a tablet computer to the logo to show the incorporation of e-learning sesssions into this year’s conference.

We then created a dynamic, active look that picked up on the summit’s theme: “Full-court press on learning.” We used high-contrast colors of blue, orange, and white to create energy, and used slab serif fonts to pick up on the sports theme. We divided the content into easy-to-grasp sections and made the layout clear and functional.

We built the site in WordPress so our clients can easily update it. We also made the site responsive, which means that the layout changes based on what device is used to view it. This makes it easy to view on tablets and smartphones. And it’s what we keep going on about when we talk about getting your site mobile-ready!

See the Learning Summit site designed by